Hi All,

On Wednesday, 25th May, we will be having our next Fun-play-reading in the Chant Room at the village hall.  Prompt start at 7.30pm so please come a bit earlier if you can.  Some of us will retire to the pub after. That's the fun bit.


After this reading I will make a decision on which play to do in October, based on who wants to be involved, and who is available.  So if you can’t come to this reading, could you let me know anyway if you are..interested....and available..for October ...cheers!

October Production

I will be holding auditions for our October production which is happening on the 20th, 21st, 22nd October, in the Main Hall on Thursday 30th June at 7.30pm.

(The plan will be to have a read through of the chosen play, for those who may missed it, on Wednesday 22 June...at 7.30pm in the Chant Room. if we need to). 

I realize this is only a couple of weeks after finishing Lionel's play, but unfortunately, I had little choice because the hall is booked out on the later dates for the flower show and stuff....and of course, the Referendum on the 23rd. 

So, look forward to seeing you soon, some of you at the AGM, I hope,




'Prescription for Murder'


Thursday 16th June 7.30pm

Friday 17th June 7.30pm

Saturday 18th  June  7.30pm

Tickets £7.50 

Tickets now available on 07581 880807